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Domestic Battery


A Domestic Battery (or Domestic Violence) charge in Nevada is a very serious matter. Even if you did not commit a battery, you still should be concerned because the prosecutor will still aggressively pursue a conviction. When law enforcement shows up to a domestic situation, the reality is that one of the parties is going to jail. There are some serious ramifications from a conviction for domestic violence, such as: mandatory jail time, mandatory fines, mandatory six months of counseling, mandatory community service. In addition, a conviction for domestic battery precludes that person from ever being able to own or possess a firearm.

The legislature has toughened its stance on domestic violence in recent years. Domestic battery is an enhancement crime, meaning that punishments get more severe with subsequent convictions. A third offense within seven years is a felony in Nevada. Furthermore, out of state convictions can also be used by the prosecution to enhance a domestic battery to a second or third offense.

These tougher laws regarding domestic violence often victimize innocent people. Even if the alleged victim tells the prosecutor they lied or exaggerated the claims against a defendant, the prosecutor will generally still prosecute the case because they believe the alleged victim is simply trying to protect the defendant.

If you have been arrested for domestic battery or any related crime, you need an attorney with experience that will protect your rights during the legal process. Domestic violence cases can often be plead down or dismissed to keep a domestic battery conviction off your record. We understand that the criminal justice system favors the accuser in domestic violence cases and we will aggressively work to counter that presumption.

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