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Bail Assitance


One of the first objectives when you are a loved one are arrested is to get that person out of jail as soon as possible. That way a person can help the attorney defend their case and still maintain employment, be with family, etc. There are several ways that someone can be released from jail after they are arrested. The first is that the judge reviewing the case grants that person a pretrial release. This is usually only granted in the less serious misdemeanor cases. Otherwise, a person must bail out on the charges or have an attorney file a motion for an own recognizance release or bail reduction.

An own recognizance release (also known as an "O.R.") can be granted upon the filing of a motion. A judge will look at the person's likelihood of appearing for the next court date and whether they are a danger to the community. Bail is generally an issue in felony or more serious misdemeanor cases. A judge will look at the same factors as set forth above when setting bail.

At the law office of Michael P. Printy, Esq., we are often successful in getting a defendant an O.R. release or a bail reduction so the family can afford to post bail.

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