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Bench Warrants & Arrest Warrants


Bench warrants are commonly issued by the Court when a person fails to show up for a court appearance -- whether it be the initial appearance (arraignment), trial, preliminary hearing or status check. If you have an outstanding bench warrant, you must get it quashed or you risk being arrested and going to jail at any time the police or marshall's office desires. This office can file a motion on your behalf and have the bench warrant quashed within a couple of days and often without the person even having to appear in court.

An arrest warrant is different from a bench warrant in that law enforcement gets an order from a judge to arrest a person if there is reasonable suspicion that a crime has occurred. It is quite common that a person may not even know an arrest warrant has been issued until law enforcement shows up at their residence or work place. This office can file a motion and get the arrest warrant recalled before you are arrested.

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