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Welcome to the Law Office of Michael P. Printy.


Affordable legal representation for all types of criminal matters.

>> DUI Defense>> Probation Violations
>> Domestic Battery>> Bail Reductions
>> Drug Cases>> Traffic Tickets
>> Theft Crimes>> Arrest & Bench Warrant
>> Record Expungements>> Violent Crimes
>> Fraud, Credit Card & Bad check Cases>> All Other Felony & Misdemeanor Cases


Michael P. Printy is a graduate of the University of San Diego (USD) School of Law and has been practicing criminal law in Nevada since 1995. Mr. Printy will provide you with personal service in your legal matters. He personally deals with all clients and will not pawn you off to other non-attorney personnel. His goal is to provide you with exceptional legal representation at an affordable price. Payment plans are even available for most criminal matters.

A flat fee is charged for all criminal matters. Misdemeanor cases are charged at a flat rate that includes trial if necessary. Gross misdemeanor and felony cases are charged at a flat rate through preliminary hearing. If the case cannot be resolved at the preliminary hearing, then a separate fee would have to be negotiated for legal services after the preliminary hearing, including jury trial.



Arrest and Warrant Attorney
Arrest & Bench Warrant
Bail Lawyer
Bail Assistance
Domestic Dispute Lawyer, Domestic Violence Attorney
Domestic Violence
Drug Crime Attorney
Drug Crimes
DUI Defense Attorney
DUI Defense
Probation Violation
Probation Violations
Expungement Attorney
Record Expungements
Theft Lawyer
Theft Crimes
Traffice Ticket Lawyer
Traffic Tickets
Violent Crimes Attorney
Violent Crimes

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